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Post-Season Evaluation for New-Season Focus

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

NOW is the best time to look back at the previous months of 2021 and decide what needs to be “changed” to train and race better in the last portion of the year – not everything needs redirection or refocus, but all the “parts of the elephant” need to be looked at to ensure that all aspects of multisports are focused on your best training and racing performance. What follows are some things to look at and, if needed, get the corrective attention warranted:

Goal Setting – Review of available races, realistic categorizing, and smart race selections for the 2022 Season. When and where are your “A” races; what are distance(s); are there performance or outcome goals ???

Swimming – Focusing in pool swims for technique, keeping efficiency, maintaining pace activities; open water swims for endurance, sighting, and confidence; video analysis. Is swimming a “limiter” in your performance; is it stroke mechanics, breathing, and/or body positioning?

Cycling – Doing CompuTrainer training for race simulations, power output training, pedal stroke enhancement, and position evaluation; also recommended are spin classes, time trials, organized rides; video analysis. Is cycling a “limiter” in your performance; do you need a bike fit or upgraded components?

Running – Varying track workouts for technique, leg turnover, stride, and pace experience; on and off-road 5K and 10K runs or longer; video analysis. Is running a “limiter” in your performance; will plyometrics and/or drills improve your running form, speed and endurance?

Supplemental Activities – View VHS tapes and DVDs on Pilates, Yoga, Fit Balls and regularly attend classes. Is viewing activities that enhance sport performance needed; will it raise awareness of, and encourage activities in, additional training outside the three primary multisport disciplines?

Strength/Flexibility -- Strength and endurance capabilities & needs evaluated; individualized training program designed. Will strength functional movement training enhance sport performance; will Yoga and massages aid performce; is a strength-oriented plan warranted AND will it be followed; is a periodized plan best?

Nutrition -- POCs are recommended, reference material provided, and ongoing discussions on weight gain, stabilization, or loss; eating habits scrutinized; Is a nutritional plan needed for daily needs, initial and ongoing exercise and recovery; is a personalized training and race nutrition and hydration plan lacking; does a season periodization need to be developed?

Injury & Medical Treatment -- POC recommendations (physical therapists, Chiropractors, etc.)given; reference material and counseling on identifying problems provided; considering alternative training courses of action. Are there short or long-term injuries that need specific identification and recuperative attention; are medical impediments to training ruled out or traced to cause and correction?

Psychology – Accomplish individual profiling, evaluation, and actions to improve or maintain mental focus and strengths. Can quizzes, surveys, etc. for better attitude and performance surface and identify mental abilities -- those that are both strong and positive and others needing development or redirection?

Physiology & Specificity – Discuss performance factors needing emphasize; testing and profiling general physical capabilities and specific strengths and limiters. Can testing(ECG, physical exams, blood panels, stress tests, etc.) identify those physical portions of performance that enhance AND detract from training progress and race performance; is/are they genetic or training methodology specific?

Training Plan – Initially plan a personalized training schedule encompassing all the above, with continuous validation and as-needed adjustments done. What are the specific nuances of the athlete, time availability, and performance goals; how can a schedule be best developed using Periodization to maximize training and race effort?

Miscellaneous – Coaching emphasis, detail and direction are based on the needs and desires of the athlete; unforeseen obstacles and unique scenarios will arise and be addressed individually. How can we best mesh my expertise and experience and the your abilities and desires to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes?


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