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Ironman South Africa
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IM South Africa is held in Port Elizabeth, locally called PE, which is just about the most southern major city on the continent of Africa. It's a 15-20 hour flight from the US so plan on arriving early to adjust and acclimatize your self to PE. The bike course is 3 40k loops and can have a constant wind on the outbound leg. The run is also three loops and is very flat. All aid stations were enthusiastically manned by encouraging volunteers.

And having access to special needs bags on each of the three bike and run loops is unique and welcome. The pre-race dinner and post-race

party were the best I'd attending in 12 IM races; food was served at the tables and the drinks and desserts were endless. From race organizers, to volunteers, to the citizens of Port Elizabeth without except, they all made you feel important and welcome to a unique IM venue that will get

bigger, better, and more popular each year.

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