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Ironman Wisconsin
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IM Wisconsin is held in the State capitol of Madison. Interestingly, the T1 and T2 areas are INSIDE the Monona Terrace Convention Complex and the bikes are racked on the 4th floor parking lot. When transitioning, you have to run up the parking ramp from the swim and ride your bike up

and down the "helix" (upper level of a parking garage. Cool. The swim in Monona Lake is well-marked, a two-loop course, and has wetsuit "strippers" that are much appreciated. The water was calm and the temperature comfortable.

The bike course is through farmland with corn, barns, and cattle -- what you might think the countryside would be; also two loops, the bike has several hills that, while not steep or long, cumulatively work on your endurance and focus -- and the need for "smart" shifting and speed control thru turns. The two-loop run is partially through the University of Wisconsin campus with short inclines, along the lake, and thru portions of downtown.

The entire course is extremely well-supported at aid stations AND by enthusiastic spectators everywhere. A true test of mixing speed, endurance, and technique, IM Wisconsin is highly recommended -- it would seem to be the case since it sold out for 2008 in 23 minutes!

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