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Maadman IM
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Maadman IM 2003 was in Cancun, Mexico and I placed 1st in my AG. Yeah, me and Peter Reid won IM races in October 2003 on the same day. It was the inaugural year for this IM and I’m sure it will become more popular as people hear about it. It will probably be a Hawaii qualifier eventually. It’s a no-wetsuit swim, as the saltwater and water temperature make it unnecessary. The Bike was a flat, 2.5 loops. Very flat, but very humid. With no downhills, it was a constant pedal with half of each loop heading into a steady breeze. The run was three loops, half of each was a slight, but steady rise — really sucked the energy (what little was left) out of you. All in all, it was a very well organized IM with great support and a beautiful venue. And the tequila shots at the awards ceremony were great!

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