Coaching Fees


Coaching fees are based on several factors – frequency of desired one-on-one coaching, length of training period, amount of  training plan detail desired/needed, race distance, single or multisport program, and other aspects of an athlete/coach relationship. Specific content of an athlete’s individualized training plan and/or personal coaching is dictated by his/her training and racing needs and desires.

  • Fitness & Performance Level Determination

  • Nutritional Needs for Training and Racing

  • Stretching & Flexibility Ability vs Need

  • Psychological Profiling and Enhancement

  • Sport Intensity, Frequency, and Volume Interface

  • Balancing Training & Non-Training Priorities

  • Strength Needs for Power & Endurance

  • Goal and Race Consideration and Selection

  • Melding Sport Specificity, Constraints, and Needs

  • Consideration of Individual Athlete-Specific Wants

  • Discussion of Coach-Identified Needed Emphasis

  • Quantity of Personalized Coaching Sessions

Training Plan with Coaching Sessions


“Performance Plus”

Cost is $125 per month for a 3-sport plan; $100 per month for a 2-sport plan; $75 per month for a 1-sport plan. A computer program called “Calendar Creator” (provided free) is used to show the sport, intensity, and duration of each workout (WKO) via a "periodization" methodology. Videos and reading material pertinent to the sport(s) and racing are available upon request; unlimited access for email or phone consultation are included. Also included are sport-specific stretching information and strength training guidelines and phased plan. The schedule is closely monitored for effectiveness and validated or revised each month as required. Two coaching sessions or discussion meetings are REQUIRED each month for a fee of $50 each.  A $100 initial “start up” fee is levied to cover administrative requirements and one 1-hour counseling session when any training plan is initiated.

“Competitive Edge”

Cost is $150 per month using TrainingPeaks Professional Edition software for data storage, transfer, and revision; it is a detailed, comprehensive program that includes graphics, log capability, nutritional data, and much more. Your access to TrainingPeaks via the Internet is included in the monthly plan fee. WKO files  from GPS, Power, and HRMs are downloadable into TrainingPeaks and I will provide specific critique and feedback on two (2) files per month. VHS and DVDs and printed articles will be provided on a recurring basis. Two coaching sessions or discussion meetings are REQUIRED each month for a fee of $50 each. This package includes all benefits of the preceeding one. There is an initial  “start up” fee of $125 as described above. Go to for a preview of what it and I can offer you.

“Podium Finish”

Cost is $300 per month using TrainingPeaks WKO+ for the training plan, files, and downloads. WKO+ is a state-of-the-art program; it’s sophisticated, detailed computer capabilities provides all the features of TrainingPeaks Professional Edition, plus more for power WKO and race performance evaluation. A power meter is required to get maximum benefit for cycling WKOs — a critique of power-based effort, efficiency, and recommendations will be provided for four (4) files per month. Two coaching sessions or discussion meetings are REQUIRED each month for a fee of $50 each. A “start up” fee of $150 is due as explained above. The monthly fee includes Internet access to TrainingPeaks WKO+ and all the features of the preceding packages.

Initial Interview Costs


There is no fee for a face-tp-face initial interview that results in developing a training plan/coaching agreement; the cost is included in the “initial start up fee” stated above. There is a $50 fee if the interview does not result in a coaching and training plan agreement and is payable at the end of the meeting.

One-on-One Coaching Fees

$50 per session


Consists of one-on-one discussion or instruction and critique for most effective and efficient sport skill performance and knowledge. A session is approximately 60 minutes long; additional time over an hour will result in additional cost – see “Coaching Fee Variables, Recurring Payments and Stopping Coaching”, para 2,  below.

Coaching Fee Variables, Recurring Payments and Stopping Coaching


The client has the choice to select a date, time, and the sport workout from the published training plan for coaching; every effort will be made to accommodate the client. A discussion meeting will be scheduled at a mutually agreed to time and date.

If a coaching session or discussion meeting is scheduled or anticipated to last LONGER than one hour OR travel outside the San Antonio area is required, AN ADDITIONAL COST (prorated at the $50 hourly fee) will be incurred. For example, if an hour-long session is agreed to and travel to and from the coaching location will take one hour, the cost to the client will be $100. Exceptions may apply, but training sessions clearly over one hour or necessitating obvious travel time justify a fee increase.

A minimum 6-month coach/athlete agreement is highly encouraged. MONTH-TO-MONTH PAYMENTS ARE DUE DURING THE LAST 5 DAYS BEFORE THE NEXT MONTH BEGINS FOR THE NEW MONTH’S TRAINING PLAN.  If payment is not received before the start of the training month for which payment is due, A $25 LATE FEE WILL BE ASSESSED and TRAINING PLAN AND 2-ONE HOUR COACHING SESSIONS OR MEETINGS IN THAT MONTH will not be available.

Coaching sessions/meetings paid for will NOT be carried over to a subsequent month without mutual coordination and approval. If no attempt is made by the client to reschedule a paid session/meeting, is later than 15-minutes, or fails to meet an appointment, the client absorbs the cost of that session.

A written  agreement for ongoing training can be verbal or written – either party can ask that the agreement be put in writing (if in writing, it will contain the information in paragraphs 2 thru 4 above). The verbal OR written training/financial agreement can ONLY be terminated with two weeks advance notification to either party.