The following sessions were recorded in 2018 and initially sold, but are now offered free --  the one-hour length of each contain excellent information and recommendation to increase your knowledge, get you to train better AND race smarter. Period. The topics range from an introduction to multi-sports to how best to evaluate the end of one Season in preparation for a new one. The 10 subjects are “kinda” listed in chronological order, but can always be accessed in any order and based on what interests you. If you have any questions on any content, please contact me; enjoy! Click on the desired title below to see and hear the session.

Triathlon 101.2 – Newbie or Veteran ? Things You Didn’t Know or Forgot
Building an Annual Training Plan – Putting the Puzzle Together
A Look at Training & Racing Mid-Season - Reflection and Redirection?
Seasonal Goal Setting and Triathlon Race Selection
A Three Part Long Course Training and Racing Plan to Success
The Older Athletes – How They Should Train Differently and Why
A Seasonal Periodization Plan as a Training and Racing Tool
The Mental Preparation of 70.3 and Ironman Racing
Avoiding Multisports Overtraining and Injuries and How to Recover
It may be your "Off-Season", But It’s NOT the "Stop-Season"