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Each person is unique and is treated as such.

The following comments hopefully reflect the concern for and commitment to each athlete that I have. Each person is unique and treated at such.

“You were absolutely right – I am not the same person I was at the start line. It’s hard to describe, but becoming an IRONMAN was  definitely life changing. Thank you for all your help, guidance, and mentorship in getting me there ! … I could not have made it across the finish line without your coaching. You are an exceptional coach, and I really enjoyed working with you.”

"Thank you so much for developing my skills, speed, endurance and race performance. I was able to continously improve without over training or injury. As a result, I was able to win my age group at the  2024 World Triathlon Championship in Ponteverda Spain. I really appreicate the quality advice on my cycling and running. In addition, your careful and thorough review/monitoring of my swimming helped me improve, even after 30+ years of triathlon racing."

“Mainly helping me with my swim training, I realized after a few weeks that this coach was like a ‘Fountain of all Knowledge’ when it comes to Triathlons. He always practices patience in his coaching and always draws out my best effort through his motivation and critiques.”

“He….provided me with a well rounded athletic plan that enabled me to go from a back-of-the-packer to a National qualifier. Bob

has a unique coaching style that is supportive and encouraging. I became more confident, and gained an internal drive I never had before. His non-cookie-cutter approach makes him more than a successful coach and mentor.”

“Overall mentoring — I liked the moral support (feedback on my TrainingPeaks WKOs were great) , classes at Boerne Lake were excellent for open water swimming, Buffalo Springs venue info was fantastic — 100% dialed in, and nutrition info –  great: overall it

was money well spent. Also, I am watching in case I ever want to do this.”

 ”Bob’s coaching style and plan was just what I needed to complete the Ironman. He quickly answered all my questions and coached me for part of my training while I was on the other side of the world for 5 months. I can’t imagine having any other coach. Thanks Bob.”

“I think as a coach overall you are excellent….I know I had the tendency to be difficult, but you were very patient with me….You definitely took my swimming to the next level — I could never be where I am today in my swimming without your knowledgeable coaching… thanks for all you’ve done for me. I feel that I am a better triathlete now having worked with you.”

“My Ironman training and racing transformed my body and made my mind stronger. To many people I owe my heartfelt gratitude.

First to my coach. I didn’t do it. We did it. Thanks Bob. Your patience and insight remain invaluable.”

“The way you handle your clients makes them feel comfortable and more willing to approach you. I think the Encyclopedia Britannica is in that head of yours when it comes to information on racing. Thanks for your support through the rough two years and keeping me focused on the prize.”

“He is an excellent coach who has made an incredible difference in my athletic career….I went from middle-of-the-pack performance to consistent top 3 finishes in all distances of triathlon. I became more confident, better able to deal with difficulties, and overall a much tougher competitor. He goes the extra mile to personally investing himself into each of his clients’ best interest.”

“You were always there for me to bounce ideas or adjustments in schedule. You always did over and above in every aspect of the training plans from articles, injuries, and mental advice. Iím not very coachable because I do what I like anyway, but  you handled it

well as much as you would have liked to throttle me sometimes. Negatives? You were perfect.“  

 ”I am very happy with how the season went and want to thank you for the help and programs - it certainly played a key role in PRs in both the Olympic and 70.3 distance…. I have certainly learnt a tremendous amount… I  might consider doing the full Ironman in 2010 and if that’s the case you wll certainly be the first person who’s door I’ll be knocking on.”

“I definitely appreciate your assistance in getting me to and through the ironman. If I had any crazy friends (or even local friends who are desiring ANY disciplined training or improvement) I will be sure to send them your way.”

“I would not have achieved so much in so little time without the support and guidance of such a wonderful coach. Bob’s effectiveness of coaching brought me to the top of the podium on several occasions. His patience, communication skills, motivation & enthusiasm made the experience one I will always cherish.”

"Bob has an incredible positive attitude, and he is able to not only provide the technical advice and coaching an athlete needs, but also supply the much-needed confidence boost for an athlete to believe in himself and see his/her goals come to pass. He coached me from a middle-of-the-pack age group athlete to placing in the top 10 several times at USAT national championships and qualifying for Team USA at the World Championships. Bob helped me develop a quality vs. quantity approach that fit my busy life schedule and kept me injury-free, allowing me to qualify for and run Boston twice."

"Coach Bob is a careful and meticulous planner... he listens, works with you you, and motivates ou when you're just not feeling it. His comprehensive planning - including diet, hydration, mental preparation, slee, workouts and rest - kept me on point and training smart... to any potential athlete, of any skill or talent level who has a drive and desire to event attempt something  as outrageous as a 140.6 mile one day race -- he will get you to the finish line."

 ”…I would recommend you to someone if they asked me for a coach on a Ironman. I will not forget what I learned from you and will continue to remember: pace and patience. I believe I will be a smarter athlete with your training approach and philosphy.”

"Not only does Bob have a wealth of personal racing experience, he knows the science behind the application. He educates and nurtures athletes to be the best they can be while surveying the analytics and feedback from his clients. Bob successfully coached me to a 2nd place win in my AG at an IM."

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