NEW ORDERING AND DELIVERY “WINDOWS” FOR MY EPIX APPAREL ARE AVAILABLE!! All are items I’ve custom-designed with Epix – every item is durable, athlete-friendly and with a great design – from a light cycling  jacket, to tri  tops & bottoms, to arm warmers and coolers, the items are made of high quality materials and very artistically detailed. I have some sizes of each on hand you can try on if you’re in the SA area; the additional links on  provide information on item description and sizing. You can use the link to order items direct – no  middle man in ordering, no profit for me, and items shipped directly to you! After you submit your order, you’ll receive shipping and other info.  

LOCALLY PRODUCED LONESTAR MULTISPORTS ITEMS AVAILABLE TOO !!  Before getting with Epix Performance Apparel, I’d had cycling jerseys done in two different designs and have a few left in stock.  I also have hats, long & Short sleeve shirts, sweat shirts and bags with the LSMS name and logo. And I can get any sizes I’m out of in a short period of time. I’m selling the items at cost – you pay what I pay. The times are made of good material and wear well.

Contact me at to order, pay for, and schedule a pickup for what you get from me.


Sweatshirts - Sizes; S,M,L,XL

Sweatshirt: $20

Long and Short sleeve (4 colors): $15 each

Black and White: $10

Gear Bags

Small duffle bag: $15

Drawstring bag: $10

Hat - $15.00

Swim Cap - $5.00