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Nutrition and Hydration 101

Nutrition and hydration are “different animals” compared to pace, form, distance, etc. in swimming, cycling and running.

Comprehensive Training Plan

You better have a written, thought out, realistic “road map” on how you’ll travel to your destination if you want to avoid frustration, setbacks, and disappointments: get a plan.

Getting Ready for 2020

If you want to get an advantage over your competition in 2020, NOW is the time to start; it may be the start of the “Off Season”, but it’s not the “Stop Season”.

Pace and Patience

The mantra for my coaching philosophy to get athletes to train and race smart is “pace and patience”...

Sticking to the Training Plan

The dedication you put into your workouts should reflect the most effective use of limited time. The QUALITY of your workout performance is just, if not more important, than the QUANTITY of the intensity, distance, and frequency of the workouts...

Don't Know or Forgot

Whether it's the off Season or you're just getting fired up, NOW is a good time to highlight some of the other-than-obvious differences in the three sports of triathlon...

4 R's

First of all, I hope that 2017 was a successful year for you – whether it was doing races or just staying fit! What follows is an emphasis on not wasting the experiences you’ve had (and hopefully learned from) and I’ll offer some suggestions on what you can do to get ready for 2018.


I’m putting this out as a look back on how 2019 unfolded, maybe as just a rambling summary of the year’s events or maybe somehow mentally therapeutic for me. Not really sure which, but here goes…

6 Ps

Let me make a few suggestions as you build, monitor, OR revise your “plan of attack” for the 2018 training and competitive Season. There are a few things that can make your focus and efforts more rewarding and your goals more realistic and attainable. Think about the following…


Knowledge, performance, and experience are the foundation for progress and excellence.